2020 Blog #4

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would give a quick update post-Ireland and pre-Scotland.

We spent 6 days in Ireland and did our best to hit as many sights as possible. Dublin was fantastic, there is tons of live music and history in that city and 2 days really wasn't enough to explore everything it has to offer. While in Dublin we did both the Jameson and Guinness factory tours, both were very interesting and gave insight to the sense of community that Dublin has.  We spent a day in Belfast too and visited the site where the Titanic was built. Other than that we visited Slane, where St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, and Newgrange, a 5000-year-old temple to the sun gods. 

The last thing we did was take a hike in the Cooley Mountains in Carlingford, which sits just on the border of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Carlingford was the birthplace of Sir Thomas D'Arcy McGee, one of Canada's founding fathers.

In Plato's theory of the city of Atlantis, the dimensions of the island are exactly that of the island of Ireland. Dublin is the oldest city in northern Europe, having been first documented in 100 AD by the Romans, although there is substantial evidence and even golden coins that have been found here that would date 2000 years BEFORE that. They also know that the entire island flooded when a volcano erupted and melted all of Greenland. Thus it is believed that Ireland is the actual Atlantis. 

There are lots of photos to be seen on the website!

Thanks for checking in, off to Scotland this weekend!